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How Entrepreneurs Can Get & Accept the Help They Need

Whether it is your first hire, or you have a team of 20, there are three areas in particular that you will need to self-regulate in, if you want to increase your chances of positive and sustainable outcomes.

In Boardrooms Now! The Curse of the Corporate Zombie

While corporate management may not look as visually gruesome on the outside, it certainly does have a number of parallels to the zombie thrillers we see on the big screen. There may not be actual biting going on, but there is definitely a fear of being infected.

Know You Are Leading Employees On and Not Sure What to Do?

If you want to build your leadership skills to a level where you are not only respected for making tough decisions and having uncomfortable conversations, but thanked for it, then there is but one thing to do…

Why Your Competitive Strategy Is Focused on the Wrong Players

You will not be able to build a business on anecdotal, best-guess tactics. You want to build a business based on providing a paying customer with exactly what they want or need.

When Is The Best Time To Communicate With Your Team?

We tell ourselves that if we let employees know that their supervisor is leaving that it will cause panic, anger, and undue stress. Chaos is what we envision, so our first reaction is to wait.

The 1st Thing Leaders Should Do When Asked To Hire More People

There will come a time where our processes will be extended and stretched out to the point where, inevitably, the employees involved with them will come to us and state that they need help. This help is usually requested in the form of a new hire. As an effective leader, part of our role is…
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Why You Need to Stop Thinking Like a Manager

True leaders are comfortable with their skill set, understand what adds value when they do it and what is better left to a more skilled individual.

How Do You Deal With Gossip — Stop It or Spread It?

Sitting in the airport on my way home from meeting with a client, I happened to be behind two people having a discussion. As we all know, seating in the airport leaves little room for private conversations, and the volume at which they were speaking left no room for discretion. As I sat there waiting…
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Are You a Chronic Interrupter? Why It Matters

We’ve all interrupted someone mid-sentence and we all know that it’s not the most polite thing to do. Each of us is guilty of doing it from time to time when we’re moved to react to what someone is saying. It can be anything from a positive, “Oh wow! Really!?” to a complete cut-off where…
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You Have to Stop Hiring The Same Person Over and Over Again

When we are looking to add or replace talent within our organizations, our first instinct is to seek out and hire those individuals that have the exact match in skill set, experience, background, previous roles, and industries that we are currently hiring for. There are computer algorithms that sort through, search, and rank people based…
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