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How to Fix Your Outdated Hiring Process Before It’s Too Late

*This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post Author: Nicole Girouard As a business, large or small, do you have a plan in place to handle the projected exodus of baby boomers over the next two decades? Or a strategy that addresses the fact that the remaining talent pool will be smaller? Does your…
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If You Want to Be Productive, Stop Being Busy

It is common for individuals to convince themselves that by being busy, they are working hard.
Yet when asked to point to their outcomes, they have nothing more to show for their efforts than a packed calendar.

The 4 Things Authentic Leaders Do Every Single Day

*this post was originally published on The Huffington Post Written By: Nicole Girouard For some reason in the corporate world it has been, historically, deemed inappropriate or unprofessional, to act like a human being.   In big business, it is rare to find an environment where individuals do not feel the need to present themselves as…
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Want Your Employees To Be More Productive? Who They Sit With Matters

The next time you have a new hire join your team, you may want to think twice before simply assigning them the desk that the last team member occupied.

Buried in an Email Avalanche? Here’s How to Get Out

…slowly being buried by an email avalanche hour after hour, and in order to keep it at bay…

This is Why You Can’t Hide From Negative Feedback

If you only paid attention to glowing reviews and positive feedback, you wouldn’t be able to grow, or change, in ways that can help you and your business.

Don’t Have a How? Then Forget Your Why

For most people, after they’ve set a goal, they go back to their day to day routines, fall into old habits, and become frustrated when they can’t seem to get very far in accomplishing what they set out to achieve.

Why You Need to Stop Saying That You’ll Get to It Later

…as a result, I simply kept working, hour after hour, racing from task to task, until I was too tired to keep going and the cleaning staff had to kick me out in order to set the buildings security alarms.

How Will You Know You Are On Track… If You Never Look?

One of the biggest gaps that come up for small business owners and entrepreneurs, is the gap between doing the work and analyzing the outcomes.

Do it Right the First Time, or Do it Over

Is it fun doing things over and over again? Do you like spending time fixing mistakes that could have been avoided, if only you didn’t try and short-cut your planning and strategy phase? Entrepreneurs would do better to invest the time upfront – or else they will be spending their time doing it over again.